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Case Study Masterclass Webinars. As our courses are always highly over-subscribed, and to provide a lower cost option to our classroom and online tuition courses, our prize-winning senior ACA tutor Kieran Doe has recorded a series of Case Study masterclasses. Here are some resources you will find useful if you are studying for the Case Study exam. The transition to computer-based exams is nearly complete, finishing in July , when the Case Study will move to computer. These are designed to be used alongside the printed study . Dec 27,  · Looking for information on our Case Study tuition, materials and other resources? Following very high growth in student numbers and several ICAEW prizes, in mid we were pleased to launch our Case Study-specific website: Hopefully everything you need to pass Case and get qualified! Update (27 December ).

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It is interesting to note that one of our prize winners was a resit student, which shows the level of improvement that can be made under our guidance. Kieran was an aca case study help as part of my preparations for the Case Study exam. The materials that Kieran provided - his mock model answers and Advanced Information breakdown - were valuable resources, which enabled me to prepare well for the big day.

Kieran's Case tuition cannot be recommended highly enough. His knowledge of the mark scheme and how to score the highest marks is exemplary. He knows exactly what the examiner wants and his tuition tips genuinely give you a one hour advantage over other students. I went back to Kaplan feeling pretty confident for revision course after two sessions with Aca case study and ended up scoring the highest mark in the class mock; before going on to gain a very comfortable pass in the exam.

Josh Case Study student who passed first time with us, aca case study. Delighted to say that I won the Whinney Prize. Thank you for your teaching. Fiona Case Study Prize Winner.

The focus on exam technique, aca case study, how to approach the exam and timings are a key reason that I passed the exam this time around. Your in depth review and discussion of the AI helped me to familiarise myself with the huge amount of information available and the summary sheets produced meant I could easily look up a key statistic if needed to during the exam.

Your recommendation of reviewing the marking schemes and exam paper for previous exams was also helpful as it enabled me to aca case study where the easy marks can be identified in the paper. I would wholly recommend the course to other students and in fact already have been doing so when asked how I passed the exam this time around!

I finally passed case! Thanks Kieran for all your help. The course really helped clarify the technique and structure required for passing the exam. Kieran simplified the approach to tackling the exams under time pressure. The material provided was also highly exam focused and instrumental in my preparation. The small size of the tuition class also helped to ensure that each of us received the vital attention and feedback needed to understand our strengths and areas that we needed to practice and focus on improving.

The mock answers provided also proved a very valuable resource. I would fully recommend this course to anyone who will be sitting the case study exam. I would also say the material you provided around our specific case was really useful - highlighting exactly which exhibits are relevant to which requirement and how to fully use the AI!

Emily Case Study resit student who passed first time with us. This gave me confidence going into the first past paper exam that I wrote. I left each session feeling like it built on the last and feeling more confident each time. I think the pace is fast, aca case study, so you have to come into the lesson feeling alert and ready to work, but a lot is condensed into a short period, and notes are given afterwards allowing you to refresh and strengthen knowledge built in class.

I would definitely recommend this to other students whether they be sitting for the first time or retaking, aca case study.

The course gives a fresh perspective on how to focus on the exam and gave me the confidence to write no matter what aca case study came up. I also feel that it allows you to see past the confusion that is the AI, and focus on core areas. Rob Case Study student who passed first time with us.

Thanks for showing me how to smash Case Study. Kieran is the best tutor I have ever had. If only I found him sooner! Classroom Course. Students are given a detailed walk-through of how they should tackle the Aca case study Study exam, from initial Advance Information AI analysis through to typing their report on exam day.

Students are then given the opportunity to put these skills to the test with a series of mock exams, aca case study. The introductory class will teach you the exam aca case study which has been proven to deliver unrivalled success and will cover:, aca case study. A step by step walk-through of how you should tackle the Case Study and exactly what you need to write for each section of your report.

How to ensure that every point you write is a mark scoring one. How to utilise the Advance Information and Exam Paper information to maximum effect. Proforma report and paragraph structures to optimise time efficiency and maximise marks.

Time minimisation techniques. Mock exams provide the opportunity to apply and develop the prize-winning technique taught during Class 1. Features of the classes:. An in-depth review of your exam technique to optimise your exam performance and time efficiency, aca case study. A walk-through of the model answer written by your tutor so that you can see exactly how the report should have been written.

Expert advice on how to use the Advance Information in your exam preparation:. A comprehensive analysis of the Advance Information and identification of key facts, figures and trends.

Probable exam scenarios for each requirement and recommended approach to take. Online course. Our online tuition option operates in exactly the same way as our classroom course above. Our online classroom software uses video conferencing, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards and ICAEW computer based exam software.

Many students prefer online tuition as it saves travel costs and time. We also record our online classes so that you can watch the class as many times as aca case study need before your exam.

Tuition fees. Tuition is held in central London on Saturdays and Online on weekday evenings. Please contact us here if you wish to book. Case Study Masterclass Webinars. The introductory class will teach you the prize-winning Case Study exam approach which has been proven to deliver unrivalled success and will cover:. How to utilise the Advance Information and Exam Paper info to maximum effect. Expert advice on how to use the Advance Information in your exam preparation, which includes:.

Class 3: Mock exam debrief. Many students prefer the online masterclasses as they offer a lower cost option and can be accessed from any location. Please note that this is a monthly channel subscription so you will need to cancel your subscription before the end of the first month. If you wish to use a a different payment method then please contact us. Learning materials.

A small sample is included below. You can aca case study below using PayPal; if you wish to use another payment method then please contact us. Case Study. Case Study CS. The aca case study that Kieran provided - his mock model answers and Advanced Information breakdown - were valuable resources, which enabled me to prepare well for the big day Should anyone I know require ICAEW tuition in the future, I definitely know in which direction I will be pointing them towards!

Classroom Tuition, aca case study. Online Tuition. Exam Masterclass webinars. Classes 2 and 4: Exam Technique Development. ACA Masters Read more. Case Study Masterclass Play video.

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This case study details how a global asset management firm with more than $ billion in assets under management (AUM) across multiple geographic regions implemented ACA's ComplianceAlpha Marketing Review Solution (MRS) to streamline marketing reviews and meet regulatory requirements. Provides study notes and question banks for the ICAEW ACA accounting qualification. Provides study notes and question banks for the ICAEW ACA accounting qualification. OUT NOW - November SBM Classroom Course details. Please visit our Case Study-specific website, Home page;. This case study details how ACA's NorthPoint Data Management Solutions helped a large OCIO manager solve challenges related to the Form ADV requirement to provide derivatives exposure for investments made via Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) based on day-over-day data.