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Sketchbook Ideas. Sketchbook Ideas for Elementary Compiled from ArtsEdNet Talk mailing list Grades: 1 to 6 Input from Art Teachers. I have found that my students work more in the Sketchbooks they make themselves. So therefore I always begin the year by having them make their sketchbooks. This sketchbook assignment gives students practice drawing facial features. With this 15 point assignment, each student will work from reference photos and will draw one eye, one nose and one mouth. Drawings should be as realistic as possible and should show a full range of value. Oct 17, Explore diggy73's board "Sketchbook assignments" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sketchbook assignments, Art sketchbook and Art education.

Sketchbook Assignment: An Easy Way to Keep a Daily Visual Diary — Art is Fun

Sketchbooks are an indispensable part of every artists life! Your sketchbook is where skills are strengthenedideas art sketchbook assignments recorded and designs are worked through. Sketching is essential in honing your skills and developing creativity! Often sketchbooks are used in preparation for upcoming projects and practicing various skills. It should be a place where artists are completely free to experiment and find their visual voice.

You must complete a minimum of 4- 5 assignments listed below in each 9-week period. Below are just some of the sketchbook art sketchbook assignments we have done throughout the years. Without outlining any shapes use parallel lines to give different values for each shape. Use only horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. You can also use Solid black or solid white to fill a shape, art sketchbook assignments.

Medium: Sharpies. SB 2: Juxtaposition Drawing: Create a new object by combining 2 unrelated objects-one needs to be from nature, the other needs to be mechanical. Render with full shading. Medium: colored pencil. SB 3: Contour line: Look in your backpack or purse, pull out 5 things art sketchbook assignments use on a regular basis phone can not be one!

Medium: drawing pencils. SB 4: Scissor Metamorphosis : Use a pair of scissors as a beginning point, art sketchbook assignments transform the scissors into something else- a monster, a robot, art sketchbook assignments, a machine, a vehicle, an animal.

Medium: colored pencils. Medium: Your Choice. SB 6: Preposterous Cross-links: Choose any 2 words below to combine together in one image:, art sketchbook assignments. SB 7: Futuristic Mutation : Take an everyday object and use your imagination to redesign it with a futuristic look. SB 8: Small world : What if you were the size of an ant, draw the view you would see if you were in a forest looking at ground level looking up. You can have it art sketchbook assignments cartoon-like, add fantasy creatures keep them appropriate!

SB 9: Shoe: Draw one of your shoes from your closet. Or a shoe that you think is very interesting ballet, boot, etc. SB Wheels : Draw something with wheels Real or imaginary.

Medium: your choice. Use overlapping to break up the spaces into interesting positive and negative shapes. Medium: Outline with sharpie and fill the shapes with markers, art sketchbook assignments. Look at artwork by Wassily Kandinsky for inspiration. Medium: Markers or colored pencils, art sketchbook assignments.

Medium: Colored Pencils. You can use realistic, abstract or non-objective designs. Medium: pencils or colored pencils. SB Color Scheme: Choose your own subject, create an obvious focal point and complete the drawing by coloring it in a color scheme of your choice.

Label what color scheme you used next to the title. Medium: Colored Pencils, Paint, or Markers. NOT simple!

Divide you sketchbook page in half with a pencil line. On the Abstract side, distort your object so that it is still somewhat recognizable-use abstracted colors to color it. From below looking up at the subject. Medium: drawing pencil. From above looking down at the subject. Use your imagination to turn you hand into something totally different.

Add details-make it creative and interesting! Design your own drawing that morphs from flat to 3D. Medium: ipad. Study it carefully before drawing. You should have 6 drawings illustrating the transformation of one object into the other. Label each art sketchbook assignments with a brief description of how you created it. Try at least 6 of these different experiments. Use up a minimum of 2 pages in your sketchbook. Add color with watercolors or colored pencils.

Medium: collage, ink, art sketchbook assignments, watercolors or colored pencils. Pay careful attention to proportions — goal is accuracy in proportion! Refer to the example below, but do not copy — come up with your own kinds of lines. Then, invent a series of variations on each line in the remaining columns. Medium: ink or sharpie. SB Tool Art sketchbook assignments See Idea from Stan Winston School Choose a tool hammer, ax, wrench, pliers, drill as a beginning point, creatively transform the head of the tool into something else — a monster, a robot, a machine, a vehicle, and instruments, art sketchbook assignments, an animal, etc.

See Types of Balance Lesson. Use Shape templates to create designs that illustrate each type of balance. Fit ALL designs on one page. Medium: colored pencils or markers. SB 37 Adult Portrait: Find a frontal view of an adult male or female. Cut it out or print it out. Open your sketchbook so it is showing 2 pages a spreadglue onto the left side your sketchbook, art sketchbook assignments. On the right side use what we learned about adult human facial proportions to draw the portrait from the picture.

SB 38 Refraction Drawing: Refraction is the visual distortion that happens when an object is viewed through a glass container filled with water or some liquid. Find an interesting glass container drinking glass, vase, jar, etc and place a spoon or fork inside. Fill the container only half way with water and art sketchbook assignments it on a light colored surface.

Carefully observe the distortion. Look up examples of illuminated letters for inspiration. Draw the letter large in your sketchbook in pencil. SB 40 Fantasy Landscape: Use your imagination to draw a fantasy landscape. It can be anytime period on earth, in space or some other world. What type of plants, flowers, and trees would you see? What does the typography look like? Art sketchbook assignments there buildings? What is gravity like in the land you are drawing?

SB 42 Color Mood- Know about colors and their effect. Certain colors inspire certain emotions; learn to use them! Choose a color to explore, compose a realistic, abstract or non-objective drawing based on the emotion produced by a single color. Use the tints and shades of a color to add different values to the drawing. Medium: colored pencils, watercolor pencils, or markers. SB 43 Cast Shadows: Choose an object that has a lot of broken negative space like a bike wheel.

Using either natural light Sun or a lamp, position the light on the object so it creates a long and interesting cast shadow see bike example. SB 44 Steampunk Drawing : Being inspired by the age of Victorian Futurism, create a steampunk drawing by making art sketchbook assignments natural object have mechanical features.

Draw the object from nature person, animal, art sketchbook assignments, something from nature first, then add mechanical features such as goggles, gears, art sketchbook assignments, rivets, bolts, winders, etc. Break the object a little and then draw it showing all the broken fragments, tears, and loose debris, art sketchbook assignments. SB 46 Travel Drawing : Draw a place you want to visit. Find a reference picture and create your drawing from that. Idea is from Art is Medicine Medium: colored pencils, drawing pencils, or watercolor pencils.

SB 47 Origami Drawing: Create 2 origami cranes or other animals. Draw them large on your paper. Medium: Charcoal Pencil. Use characteristics of both and colors of both in the new design Medium: colored pencils. SB 51 Magnification Drawing: Using a magnifying glass, look at an object or insect very closely. Draw the details of what you see. Tape them onto a sheet of paper so they are spread apart.


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Get a free downloadable sketchbook prompt list that you can use in your art classroom. different sketchbook prompts that students love and engage with. Click here now to read the article and download the Sketchbook Prompt PDF. Oct 17, Explore diggy73's board "Sketchbook assignments" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sketchbook assignments, Art sketchbook and Art education. This is a page from Michelle Casper's sketchbook. Michelle graduated from Carson a few years ago and went to college in Greensboro for art. She created an imaginary world in her sketchbook complete with images and written descriptions.