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Is Workplace Bullying Illegal? - Aug 27,  · Workplace bullying is frighteningly common and takes an enormous toll on our businesses. Research from Dr. Judy Blando (University of Phoenix) has proven that almost 75% of employees surveyed had Author: Christine Comaford. Dec 14,  · Get the facts about bullying in schools and the workplace. Discover why kids and adults bully, read about causes and risk factors, learn the differences between hazing and bullying, and find out how you can prevent bullying.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Finding a New Home. Bullying is a form of aggression that can occur anywhere. Bullies can threaten your child at school school bullyingabuse your teenager online cyberbullyingor intimidate you at work workplace bullying. Authors Nielsen and Einarsen discuss the prevalence of bullying, its causes, effects, and finally, the effectiveness of available anti-bullying interventions.

The question of definition is complicated by the fact that the same aggressive behavior can be and has been labeled differently, bullying in the workplace articles, using terms such as incivility, harassment, emotional abuse, ostracism, abusive supervision, bullying in the workplace articles, etc. In short, workplace bullying involves harassment and conflict that is ongoing i. Furthermore, there is a feeling of being trapped in the situation and being defenseless.

Whether bullying occurs in a particular setting depends on a number of factors some work-related, some more general such as genderclimate, rate of poverty, and the characteristics of the particular occupation. One of the main explanations for why bullying occurs emphasizes characteristics associated with the workplace environment, including job design.

Other investigations, however, have not found a consistent association between bullying and such role-related stressors. Another major explanation for bullying stresses personality factors. Bullying in the workplace articles of this research has focused not on the bullies but on targets of bullying and their personality characteristics, bullying in the workplace articles. Some studies have observed that neurotic employees and ones who experience negative affects more frequently are at increased risk of being bullied, bullying in the workplace articles.

Furthermore, bullying is also associated with negative work-related responses. People who are bullied are more likely to have reduced commitment to work, feel dissatisfied with their job, experience job insecurity, have a high rate of absenteeism, and become recipients of disability pension. Indeed, as we saw earlier, some research indicates that people who experience negative emotions are at a greater risk of being bullied. The question is: Why? According to one view, people with lower well-being are more prone to interpreting aggressive behavior as an indication of bullying because they have less tolerance for such behavior.

In short, there is need bullying in the workplace articles research on developing more effective anti-bullying interventions at work because the current ones do not seem to be of much use.

Regardless of the cause, the consequences of bullying can be severe, including physical and psychological symptoms and negative work-related outcomes e. The anti-bullying interventions available do not seem to prevent bullying, though they do appear to have some positive effect, such as increasing awareness of the problem, bullying in the workplace articles. Nielsen, M. What we know, what we do not know, and what we should and could have known about workplace bullying: An overview of the literature and agenda for future research.

Aggression and Violent Behavior, 42, I was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia after a manager encouraged bullying in my job. I also had a very physically and mentally full on job which I think contributed. I wish psychologist would write more about the physical effects of bullying so that employers would take it more seriously. They lose good employees when this happens, particularly if managers are silly enough to believe nasty gossip by cliques.

Bullying in the workplace articles employment laws benefit the employer this needs to change and employers should not get away with treating people this way. He has also done graduate work in clinical psychology and neuropsychology in U.

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bullying in the workplace articles


Mar 28,  · The psychology of a workplace bully Bullying can turn an idyllic job into something you dread. Whether it’s your co-worker or a boss, dealing with intimidation at work can leave you feeling Author: Dr Mary Lamia. Sep 09,  · For gender-nonconforming campers, a new all-gender cabin at Camp Tawonga was a rare respite from the outside world, where bullying and the feeling of . Jan 27,  · Workplace bullying is a widespread problem that's been gaining momentum. In fact, studies show that nearly half of all U.S. workers are affected by workplace bullying.